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Academic Facilities

Transform Dining All Across Your Campus

Improve dining operations across your whole campus. Chekt's scalable food locker solution helps you increase throughput, optimize labor, and drive profitability all while making on-campus dining more convenient for students, staff, and faculty.


Features That Make a Difference

Automated and Controlled Pickup

Optimize your online ordering experience without the added congestion by simplifying expo for your front of house and seamlessly automating the pickup process for on-campus diners.

Safe and Tasty Meals

Increase your order throughput while protecting your food quality and reducing pickup errors with Chekt's smart lockers.

Optimized and Purposeful Hardware

Make the most of your footprint and eliminate peak-time bottlenecks with Chekt. From the compact and modular pod design to convenient front- and rear-loading capabilities, Chekt locker pods are designed to streamline food pickup, all across your campus—from bustling food halls to quiet cafés.

Scalable, Enterprise Software

Optimize your operations with our enterprise-ready software. Designed with best-in-class enterprise features, it's intentionally flexible and ready to integrate with your existing (or non-existing!) pickup flow—because no two campuses are the same.

What Chekt Means for Your Academic Facilities

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Improved Service Speed

Get more orders into diners' hands faster! Chekt can help you increase throughput during peak dayparts while giving your students, staff, and faculty a fast and hassle-free experience they'll come back for.

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Optimized Staffing

With streamlined digital order handoff, the Chekt food locker solution reduces the strain on your front of house staff and creates labor efficiencies to help you drive profitability.

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High-Touch Support and Consultation

Our expert implementation and consulting service means we support your needs today and help you scale and transform for tomorrow.


How to Use Chekt

Adding Chekt to your campus can improve operations across your whole campus, from dining halls and restaurants, to sports facilities and dorms. With a smooth pickup experience, students, faculty and staff can fuel their busy lives without stepping off campus.

See How Chekt Transforms Across Your Campus

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