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How Chekt Food Lockers Solve Three of Today’s Operating Challenges

Chekt was developed and built by foodservice experts who know the ins and outs of operations. From where you source your food to how you build your staff, we leverage our deep foodservice knowledge to ensure that Chekt solves the challenges you face today, so you can be ready for tomorrow. Here are a few of those challenges that Chekt addresses.

Labor Efficiency

We know that today’s labor market is challenging—staffing levels have to flex with variable demand and people are hard to predict, making labor costs uncertain. That’s why Chekt lockers in your space are designed to improve labor efficiency. With front and rear loading doors and a load confirmation button, your staff saves precious time, reducing the strain on your front of house. With more time, fewer order mishaps, and reduced customer interaction, your front of house staff can focus on other tasks. This efficient workflow helps retain and repurpose staff and keep overall labor costs down.

Food Costs

That’s not the only challenge that Chekt lockers are built to tackle. With rising food costs across the industry, it’s more important than ever that the right orders get to the correct customer. With Chekt, guests and delivery drivers have easy access to the locker that has

their order—and only that locker. That means they don’t have to search for their order, or worse, find that it was nabbed by another diner. With Chekt’s secure, insulated lockers, you can be assured that guests get nothing less than the quality food they ordered, no re-makes required. It’s a win-win situation: Cut food costs due to pickup error with confidence, and reliably drive guest satisfaction.

Digital Ordering

With the growth of digital ordering adoption, you need a tool built to integrate seamlessly with your existing workflow and ready to adapt for whatever’s next. When customers place an order on their mobile or desktop device, it goes through your existing ordering platform and integrates directly into Chekt's workflow software. Your kitchen’s existing processes won’t have to change, because Chekt doesn’t replace your POS or ordering platforms. You don’t have to worry about upending your entire ordering process or totally retraining your staff, so you can ensure your guests get the continuity they expect while optimizing your operations.

As foodservice experts, we know that change is the only constant in this industry. When it comes to an uncertain labor market, rising food costs, and digital ordering growth, Chekt can enhance your workflows today and prepare you for what comes next. Chekt’s end-to-end solution grows and scales with you. We’re always ready to innovate in thoughtful, tailored ways, today and tomorrow.

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