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An Integrated Solution for Foodservice 

No matter what you're serving up, the Chekt solution can help you stand up and stand out. Every element of our hardware and software is thoughtfully designed to address your unique needs. Our solution flexes to complement your menu, fit your footprint, and streamline your operations. 


Designed by Industry Experts

Chekt is more than just a food locker—it's an integrated solution of hardware and software. Thoughtfully created by foodservice specialists, Chekt is uniquely able to address your pain points and create an elevated experience for both staff and customers. 

Unlock with a phone

With Chekt, customers can unlock their locker pod from their phone, eliminating the need for fragile screens and making pickup fast and secure. By keeping the interface to users' phones, food pickup becomes an intuitive, contactless experience for your customers and your hardware requires less maintenance and upkeep. 

Load with a Button

Instead of running between the locker pods and the tablet, Chekt lets employees confirm an order is loaded up and ready to go by pressing a button directly on each pod. Customers are immediately alerted, taking one more step out of the front of house process and streamlining pickup for everyone. 

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Front and Rear Loading

Chekt pods have a two-door design, giving employees the flexibility to load orders from the front or the back, depending on their workflow. This means that no matter where Chekt is implemented in your footprint, our solution will fit seamlessly within your current operations and optimize your processes.

An End-to-End Solution

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Locker Pods

The compact and modular design makes it easy for any foodservice operator to reduce congestion and eliminate pickup error.

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Work in a smart interface designed by industry experts to better view and manage foodservice operations.

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