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Residential & Commercial Spaces

Eliminate the Hassle of Handoff

Make delivery order dropoff and pickup a breeze for your tenants. Chekt helps you maintain security in your building while reducing chaos and congestion in lobby areas with a slick handoff experience that saves your tenants time.


Features That Make a Difference

Optimized and Purposeful Hardware

Make the most of your footprint and eliminate lobby congestion with Chekt. From the compact & modular design to the smart lock mechanisms, Chekt locker pods streamline food dropoff and pickup for any building—from corporate campuses to high-rise condos.

Automated and Controlled Handoff

With Chekt, delivery order handoff happens seamlessly while maintaining the security of both your building and your tenants' orders. Avoid lobby chaos and added work for staff by making pickup a streamlined, contactless experience.

Scalable, Enterprise Software

Optimize handoff in your building with our enterprise-ready software. Designed with best-in-class enterprise features, it's intentionally flexible to match your buildings' specifics—such as security protocols or layout—because no two buildings are the same.

Safe and Tasty Meals

Streamline delivery handoff while keeping orders secure and protecting food quality with Chekt's smart lockers.

What Chekt Means for Your Building

ChektBatch2Icons_Delighted Tenants.png

Delighted Tenants

As consumer behaviors evolve towards online ordering and delivery, Chekt helps improve tenant satisfaction by creating a better handoff experience, giving you a competitive advantage.

ChektBatch2Icons_Optimized Delivery.png
Optimized Delivery Handoff

With modular pods and flexible software, the Chekt food locker solution creates delivery efficiencies and reduces confusion in lobby areas.

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Reduced Congestion

Create a clear, convenient pickup process for your tenants. With Chekt, they know exactly when their order has arrived and where it is, taking the strain off of your reception staff.


How to Use Chekt

With our flexible locker solution, you can improve the delivery order handoff experience in any building, from corporate office spaces to high-traffic apartments. Adding Chekt pods to your building means your tenants and third-party partners know exactly where to go for order handoff, eliminating confusion and overcrowded lobby areas. 

See Where Else Chekt Transforms

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