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Unlock the Future of Food Pickup

Chekt is recognized as a CES® Innovation Awards Honoree that's revolutionizing front-of-house operations across the foodservice industry. Offering a secure and contactless pickup experience, Chekt is a modular food locker system that helps you optimize your labor and increase speed of service while delighting your diners.

Chekt food lockers on restaurant counter
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The App


By reimagining the front-of-house experience, Chekt addresses the pain points foodservice operators experience day-in and day-out. Our efficient and customizable system helps you streamline your operations and your guest experience.

Control handoff and reduce pickup errors
Optimize labor to reduce hiring needs
Eliminate lines and increase speed of service

How it Works

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Order Up

Customers place a digital order that goes right to the kitchen.

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Lock Up

Once the food is ready, staff places it in a secure locker pod.

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Pick Up

Customers receive a notification that their food is ready, and follow the prompts to unlock their pod.


How it Helps

Protect your food quality, reduce pickup errors, and delight your diners with a secure and contactless pickup experience. Our innovative locker pods and intuitive software ensure every customer leaves with the right order, every time.

A Solution Fine-Tuned For Your Needs

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Our Markets

Chekt is enterprise-ready and flexes to any foodservice environment including restaurants, sports and entertainment venues, academic facilities, and more.

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Our Product

Our end-to-end hardware and software system creates a contactless order pickup solution with the flexibility and features to meet your unique needs.

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