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Flexible Software for the Future of Front of House

Thoughtfully developed by foodservice experts, our software scales and flexes for a variety of enterprise needs and workflows.


Software that Elevates

From giving you a full view of your orders to offering flexible workflows, our software empowers you to create more streamlined, effective processes that elevate your service and improve your operations.


What You Get


Robust Dashboard

Manage various locations, assign and control user permissions, and get detailed analytics on locker orders and usage for better end-to-end visibility.

Flexible Settings

Optimized configurations allow you to streamline operations while meeting the needs of your current FOH and BOH processes. Chekt helps you increase throughput and capabilities while enhancing brand and guest experience.


Integration Capabilities

Chekt’s enterprise-ready software integrates with your existing platforms to improve your workflows without disrupting your business.

The App
Pods - Transparent Mockup.png

How It Works For You


Customers place an order on their mobile or desktop device through your existing ordering platform, which integrates directly into Chekt's workflow software.


Your kitchen receives the order and gets to work.


Once the order is ready, your employees place it in a smart locker pod and hit the integrated "Confirm Load" button to notify the customer their order is ready.


Customer follows the prompts to unlock their pod right from their phone.


After the order is picked up, the pod automatically locks and updates your Dashboard to give you an easy view of which pods are empty and which orders are still awaiting pickup.


An End-to-End Solution

Replace the pickup shelf to control handoff and optimize labor while giving guests a fast and secure pickup experience. From growing eateries to large restaurant chains, Chekt's enterprise-ready solution streamlines takeout and pickup operations to delight your diners.

Unlock Mobile.png

Works With Your Workflow

Chekt's enterprise-ready software integrates with your existing platforms to improve your workflows without disrupting your business.

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Become an Integration Partner

We're always eager to learn more about other products accelerating the future of foodservice. Reach out to join our growing list of best-in-class integration partners.

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