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Meet the Future of the Front of House

From QSR powerhouses to blossoming concepts, Chekt's enterprise-ready food locker solution meets your unique needs. Chekt can help you reduce pickup error, optimize labor, and drive profitability, all while delighting your diners.


Features That Make a Difference

Automated and Controlled Pickup

Capture incremental revenue from third-party delivery and optimize your online ordering experience without the added congestion by seamlessly automating the pickup process for drivers and guests.

Safe and Tasty Meals

Improve your speed of service while protecting your food quality and reducing pickup errors with Chekt's insulated lockers.

Optimized and Purposeful Hardware

Make the most of your space and eliminate customer bottlenecks with Chekt. From the space-saving modular pod design to convenient front- and rear-loading capabilities, Chekt locker pods are designed to streamline front of house operations.

Scalable, Enterprise Software

Optimize your operations with our enterprise-ready software. Designed with best-in-class enterprise features, it's intentionally flexible and ready to integrate with your existing (or non-existing!) processes—because no two restaurants are the same.

What Chekt Means for Your Restaurant

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Optimize Staffing

With streamlined takeout and delivery operations, the Chekt food locker solution can create labor efficiencies and reduce hiring needs to help you drive profitability.

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Delight Guests

As consumer behaviors evolve towards online and mobile ordering, Chekt helps improve guest satisfaction by eliminating lines, helping to ensure a fast and secure pickup experience.

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High-Touch Support and Consultation

Our expert implementation and consulting service means we support your needs today and help you scale and transform for tomorrow.


How to Use Chekt

Ditch the pickup shelf and say goodbye to over-the-counter handoff! Adding Chekt locker pods to your takeout operations means customers and third-party partners know exactly where to go to pickup orders, eliminating wait times and overcrowding in your restaurant, while increasing throughput.

See Where Else Chekt Transforms

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