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Buckhorn BBQ + Grill

Buckhorn BBQ + Grill Uses Chekt to Optimize Labor for Online Order Handoff

Chekt food lockers on Buckhorn counter

Buckhorn BBQ + Grill is an upscale fast-casual chain with restaurants located throughout Northern California. The core pillars of the Buckhorn brand center around the team member and guest experience – they are committed to providing a friendly and team-oriented environment for their staff, and a high-quality product and superior service to their guests.


However, with a high volume of digital orders, the Buckhorn - Sacramento UV location's order pickup process of over-the-counter-handoff posed challenges for both their guests and team members. Guests picking up online orders needed to wait in line to retrieve their orders, creating a bottleneck and long lines for both dine-in and digital guests. With labor shortages, the staff was feeling the strain of managing long lines while juggling many different roles.


Many restaurants throughout the industry use pickup shelves to avoid some of the challenges related to over-the-counter-handoff, but they come with their own pain points. Order theft and pickup error are prevalent with pickup shelves and can really impact the bottom line. Additionally, shelving units often don't align with a restaurant's design aesthetic. With this in mind, it was clear to the Buckhorn team that pickup shelves weren't the solution they needed.

This is when they turned to food lockers. Food lockers appealed to the Buckhorn team because they solved all of the pain points related to traditional pickup methods, such as over-the-counter-handoff and pickup shelves, while providing guests with a differentiated experience. When evaluating their options, Chekt was the best fit for Buckhorn for several reasons. The system's modularity meant that they could get exactly as many units as they needed, installed quickly and easily into their existing footprint with no construction required. The Buckhorn team was also drawn to Chekt's process-focused product features and solution-oriented approach to customer service.


Since implementing the Chekt solution, the Buckhorn - Sacramento UV location has improved both the staff and guest experience. They've been able to take some of the strain off of their team members, allowing them to have more focused roles. With digital orders now going through the Chekt system, they didn't need as many cashiers and were able to shift one cashier position to another role in the restaurant.


Both dine-in and takeout guests are also loving the benefits that Chekt brings. For dine-in guests, their time in line has decreased by nearly 40%. Takeout guests know exactly where to go to pick up their orders, and are in and out with ease.



  • Strained labor force

  • Long lines & congestion

  • Confusing guest experience


  • Streamlined staff responsibilities

  • Decreased number of cashier positions needed

  • Shortened guest line times by 40%

  • Improved communication & experience for digital guests

  • Installed Chekt into an additional Buckhorn location Results 

“The Chekt food lockers have been a game changer for Buckhorn BBQ + Grill’s increasing takeout orders. The order fulfillment process is simple and efficient, making it easy for our guests to avoid long lines and enjoy their food sooner.”


Eilleen Le, Marketing Manager

Buckhorn BBQ + Grill

With Chekt, the Buckhorn team also has more visibility into order dwell times so they know exactly how long an order has been waiting for pickup, helping them ensure the quality and safety of their product for their digital guests. Ultimately, the Chekt solution has helped the Buckhorn - Sacramento UV location improve the experience for staff and guests alike - staying true to their brand pillars. And Chekt made such a marked impact on this location that Buckhorn has already installed the system in one of their San Francisco locations and has plans for continued expansion.

Buckhorn guest opening Chekt food lockers

"Picking up from the pod is not only an incredible and convenient use of technology, it greatly impacted the speed of service by eliminating the need to wait in line to pick up food I've already paid for."


Buckhorn BBQ + Grill

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