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FIGO Pasta

FIGO Pasta Dishes Out a Smoother Pickup Experience with Chekt


FIGO Pasta is a fast-casual Italian restaurant located in Atlanta, GA. Known for their freshly made pastas and innovative dishes, FIGO takes pride in providing their guests with craveable high-quality meals and streamlined service.


As a result of consumer behavior shifts caused by the pandemic, FIGO's to-go and delivery order volume jumped from 15% to 85% of total sales. The sudden shift created new challenges as they had to manually handoff to-go orders by searching for names on each ticket. To keep up with the volume, FIGO dedicated a staff member to managing order handoff for to-go orders. Even then, it was difficult for one person to keep the 20-25 to-go bags organized at any given time. This led to slower service and mistakes by the way of incomplete or incorrect orders which resulted in customer refunds and lost profits. The FIGO team struggled to balance to-go order volume with customer expectations and staffing realities.

With customers continuing to order out more than they dine in, FIGO searched for a solution that streamlined processes for employees, 3rd party delivery drivers and customers alike. While many restaurants throughout the industry use pickup shelves to facilitate order handoff, the FIGO team was concerned about the impacts of order theft and pickup error on their profit margins.

It was around this time when FIGO owner, Sandro Romagnoli, came across the Chekt team at a trade show. In addition to solving all of the pain points they were experiencing with their order handoff process, Chekt's collaborative approach to customer service really stood out to the FIGO team. "There is no doubt that the DNA of the Chekt team is a genuine desire to make things better and take advantage of the opportunities 'discovered' by the operator." Romagnoli said. And from a practical standpoint, the modular product design and competitive pricing made it clear that Chekt was the right fit for FIGO.



  • Overwhelmed labor force

  • Inefficient processes

  • Slow service times

  • Lost profits due to order handoff error


  • Simplified employee responsibilities

  • Organized & automated order handoff

  • Improved order accuracy & fewer customer refunds

  • Decreased customer wait times

  • Improved customer communication & experience

"Telling them exactly where their order is creates a smooth experience, not only for the guests but even for all the delivery drivers."


Sandro Romagnoli Owner,

FIGO Pasta

Since they started using Chekt, FIGO staff members are able to float between back and front of house, meaning fewer scheduling headaches. Not only does this save money with leaner staffing, they're also able to work more dynamically to keep up with delivery demands. Additionally, the staff experience has improved dramatically, and with labor shortages across the foodservice industry, employee retention is a top priority. Now that to-go orders are going through the Chekt system, it is a less stressful working environment for staff.


​FIGO customers and delivery drivers also rave about Chekt and how sleek (and fun!) the pickup process is. Chekt has helped organize and automate the handoff process for to-go orders, improving speed of service and helping to ensure that each customer receives the correct and complete order (no more refunds!). Additionally, the increased visibility into order status has streamlined the pickup experience, reducing frustration and wait times.

For FIGO, implementing Chekt was a big step in improving the to-go order handoff process for both staff and customers. For staff, this has meant simplified workloads and smoother shifts. With clear communication and improved order accuracy, the customer experience is more delightful from start to finish! All in all, Chekt has helped FIGO grow into a speedy and savvy dining experience for everyone.

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